We proudly present the fäderliecht wall calendear for  2020 :-)

We have combined some of our print motifs with beautiful pictures from paragliding and thus designed a wall calendar. Similar to the pictures we post on instagram – but bigger and "to-hang-and-watch-on-a-wall" instead of "stare-on-your-display" :-)

Preview of the calendar for 2020

  • FaederliechtKalender2020-Seite002FaederliechtKalender2020-Seite002January
  • FaederliechtKalender2020-Seite003FaederliechtKalender2020-Seite003February
  • FaederliechtKalender2020-Seite004FaederliechtKalender2020-Seite004March
  • FaederliechtKalender2020-Seite005FaederliechtKalender2020-Seite005April

  • FaederliechtKalender2020-Seite006FaederliechtKalender2020-Seite006May
  • FaederliechtKalender2020-Seite007FaederliechtKalender2020-Seite007June
  • FaederliechtKalender2020-Seite008FaederliechtKalender2020-Seite008July
  • FaederliechtKalender2020-Seite009FaederliechtKalender2020-Seite009August

  • FaederliechtKalender2020-Seite010FaederliechtKalender2020-Seite010September
  • FaederliechtKalender2020-Seite011FaederliechtKalender2020-Seite011October
  • FaederliechtKalender2020-Seite012FaederliechtKalender2020-Seite012November
  • FaederliechtKalender2020-Seite013FaederliechtKalender2020-Seite013December


The calendar is printed in the A4 format on mat paper (250g) with a spiral binding.


To order you calendar/s at the price of 10 CHF/ 9 Euro use the online order form or just write us an email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).
Shipping: according to our own expenses, i.e. 2.50 CHF within Switzerland and 4.5 Euro within the EU.

If you order a fligth logbook and/or our playing cards at the same time, shipping will of course be calculated according to our expenses only.

Über uns | About us

fäderliecht gibt es seit 2017. Wir machen Klamotten, Flugbücher und Kalender für Gleitschirmflieger*innen.

fäderliecht started in 2017. We aim create clothes, a flight logbook and calendars for paraglider pilots.

fäderliecht existe depuis 2017. On crée des shirts, un calendrier et un livre de vols pour les parapentistes.

email team@faederliecht.net

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